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Bulgarian language courses

Bulgarian language courses
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Bulgarian for foreigners

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language courses Burgas

Bulgarian language lessons

курс Болгарский Бургас

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language courses for foreigners Sofia
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курсове Български за чужденци

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language courses Varna
Bulgarian lessons Varna

курсове по Български

Bulgarian language preparation Varna
Bulgarian language training Varna

Bulgarischkurse in Burgas und Varna

Translations, interpreting and legalization

Centre Davitoz offers translation and interpreting services with certified translators, as well as legalization of documents in all languages. We translate official documents and web pages. Among our corporate clients are LUKOIL Neftohim, Balkan Wind, Lemestia Balkan Investors, Masterhouse and many others.
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The Bulgarian language courses for foreigners at Davitoz are characterized by a practical approach to learning and a strong emphasis on oral skills.

Frequently asked questions are:

What is the duration of one course?

Standard courses for one language level have a total duration of 6 weeks with visits 2 times a week for 3 study hours each time. Individual courses can have a flexible schedule and their total duration can be adjusted to meet the needs of the course participant.

Which exams can I prepare for at Davitoz?

Davitoz has preparation courses for each of the exams of the European Framework for Reference of Languages, as well as for university exams.

What is the course book that we work with?

In the courses for foreigners we work with the system “Bulgarian language for foreigners” and the individual courses are based on the same program or on a program that the student has chosen.

Is there emphasis on speaking?

Yes, we at Davitoz focus on the practical part of the language, on dialogues and listening to recordings of authentic conversations.

How many levels of training are there?

The basic levels in the Bulgarian language are four. There are also advanced language courses and courses for mastering specialized language fields and terminology.

When do the courses start?

The courses start at the beginning and in the middle of each month and the private lessons upon request.

Who are the teachers?

Davitoz provides high quality training - result of the many years of work and excellent teachers, who all possess theoretical and practical experience.

How much does the training cost?

The fees are as follows:

- 346 leva/ group, 389 leva/ individual course.

- SPECIAL OFFER !!! If you want to attend the course with a friend or a relative, the course can be organized with the two of you as individual training but at the price of a group course.

ATTENTION: For the students of Davitoz the final tests and the certificates are for free. For those who have not attended courses at Davitoz and wish to sit for a test, the price of the test and the certificate is 144 leva.

When do I have to pay the course fee?

The fee for the course and the preparation materials are paid in full on subscription.

Do I get a certificate after the end of the course?

Davitoz is licensed internationally. The Bulgarian language courses finish with a final exam and a certificate for completion in accordance with the European Framework of Reference.

Can I only sit for an exam and get a certificate without visiting a course?

Yes, the subscription for a language test and a certificate costs 144 leva and can be done at our offices.

How can I visit a course if I am not in town?

The online Bulgarian language courses for foreigners at Davitoz are licensed internationally. They are available via Skype and everything you need is a stable internet connection and a headset. These courses are perfect for people who live out of town and want to save time for travelling. To see our online platform click here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us or send us an enquiry :)