At our educational center we offer a variety of courses and translation services. We organize educational courses in 10 languages and more than 40 professions. Our certificates for the completed training courses have national and international validity. As a result of years of hard work and quality training we have been internationally certified by the „International Education Society„. Our educational center has been nominated by the Oxford academic union for the award „European quality“. The Oxford academic union has acknowledged our high standards in educational training and organizational leadership.

Foreign language training

We offer foreign language courses in different languages – English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Dutch and many more.

English language

We have certified English language training for children and adults. The courses can be attended in our learning centers in Sofia, Varna and Burgas, or online. The classes emphasize the practical use of the language for work, travel and study abroad. We offer test training to prepare for international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and others. Exam training can also be attended in our online courses, which are practical and suitable for people who live far away of our learning centers. 

German language

For our German language courses we have experiences teachers with theoretical and practical expertise, as well as workbooks developed by leading language training publishers. We work with our students to prepare them for German exams like Test DaF, DSH and the Goethe Institut exams. The certificates for the levels are valid in Europe and overseas. We have a number of participants attending the courses online, because all you need is an internet connected PC and a headset.

Spanish language

Our general Spanish language courses follow the system „Nuevo Ven“, which is a modern and comprehensive course book for acquiring this beautiful language. We also offer exam preparation for the DELE exams, as well as final tests after completion of each language level. On completion of a course we issue a certificate with international validity. For everyone who is interested in our courses, but is far away, we can recommend our online language teachers.


French language

We have courses in French starting every month, which cover the basic skills for acquiring the language and also prepare for passing the DELF and DALF exams. You can work on your pronunciation and oral expression, which are notoriously difficult in this European language, but nevertheless extremely important when working in France. You can also decide to participate in our online courses in French, which are especially designed for coping with all important everyday-life topics.

Italian language

Our Italian language training provides fast and effective introduction to grammar and speech, following the course book „Progetto Italiano“. You can receive a language certificate at the end of each level, as well as to prepare for the official CELI exams. The certificates will allow you to work or study in beautiful Italy. You can also take advantage of our Italian online courses, which develop all necessary skills to master the language. 

Russian language

Our Russian language courses are suitable for people with or without previous knowledge. They are divided into levels which also correspond to the division of levels for the ТРИКИ exams. The exam preparation can be done also separately of the general course and be used for future work and travel in Russia. Like other languages, also this one can be studied in one of our online Russian courses, which function the same way as the in-place training.

Bulgarian,Turkish, Greek

We also organize courses for languages like Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Polish and others.  We have suitable language programs for each one of them in our language centers or online. You can choose your preferred language by looking at our informational page or just contact our offices in Sofia, Varna and Burgas.

Computer and vocational training

We have a wide range of computer software and vocational training courses for a successful career development. Our computer courses include software names like 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Illustrator etc. We also offer training for work with webpage development platforms like WordPress and Joomla. Our vocational training courses offer qualification in more than 40 professions in following fields: catering, hospitality, trade, beauty solons, sports, metal and woodwork, security, sewing and tailoring.

Компютърно обучение

Computer software training

The progress of digital technology has led to a growing need for everyone to handle a computer, and for companies to look for software professionals. If you want to be able to work under Windows with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or specialize in an innovative profession using 3D Studio MAX, Corel DRAW, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Web Design Platforms for creating websites, have a look at our offers. You can attend lessons in our classrooms or the online computer courses - where there is no limit to creativity.

Хотел и ресторант

Catering, hospitality, entertainment

Maybe you are considering becoming a restaurant manager, bartender, chef, waiter, pastry chef, baker, pizza baker, hotel manager, administrator, tour guide, maid, porter, animator or fitness instructor, then you need professional qualification and a training certificate. Once you have it you will be able to find your real career in countless many jobs. A part of the professions can be studied online, which is an advantage for those who need to travel a lot.

Салони за красота

Beauty salons and sports

If you plan to start your own business or work in a beauty or fitness salon we provide certified training for these occupations. By completing a course in cosmetics, manicure, makeup, massage, hairdressing or fitness instructors you will make an important step towards your goal. The document you receive allows you to work wherever you want, including outside of our country, as well as start your own business.

Строителство и техника

Construction and plumbing

If you have in mind a building profession or plumbing, the qualification is an opportunity for you to get involved into this field of business. The training we provide gives you knowledge and skills in the chosen professional field: reinforcement and concrete works, paint, external plumbing, exterior or interior cladding and flooring, electrical installations, electrical equipment of lifts and lifting equipment, masonry, air conditioning, formwork, plastering, metal structures, assistant-builder, reinforced concrete structures, roofs. We have them all, so it is your choice.

курсове по бизнес английски

Office work and trade

Do you like working at a computer or do you prefer interaction with different people? You might need professional competence in one of the following areas: computer literacy, office management, accounting, payrolls, secretary, cashier, insurance agent, real estate broker, shop assistant, and tax and customs broker. All these professions mean work in the office and communication skills, which are included in our training along with the specific competences for each of the occupations.



Interested in work with metal, car body repair and painting? Then your profession is among the specialties welder, locksmith, turner, car painter, metal constructions, reinforcement and concrete. The professional qualification in this field is suitable for those who like to work with hands and tools, to feel the materials and needs a licensed diploma. You will be able to perform the activity as an individual, e.g. in your car repair company, as well as in railway companies, shipyards, construction companies, paint and varnish industry, metalworking companies or on board of ships.



If you are interested in providing security to companies and people, you will certainly need qualification in the field of personal or site security. Our classes teach you the established rules, techniques and trends and how they are applied in practice. The work as a security person is responsible in any way. The peace and security of people with regard to their belongings and life will depend on the work of the security person. This is why most important are physical and mental preparation, so you are ready for any challenge. Obtaining a professional certificate, you will be able to practice in the country and abroad.


Preschool educational assistant

Preschool education asssistance is a vocation meant for developing of the abilities and personal skills of children. We believe that the assistant-educator is a noble profession for people with a particular spark in the eye and soul, for people with big hearts. If you have the wish to work with children, you have found your vocation. For this qualification, we also provide online courses as assistant educator with face-to-face training via a video link. Many who wish to enroll already practice this activity, but want to be officially certified, so just give us a call.

Шев и кройка

Sewing and tailoring

Tailoring and sewing are as old as human kind, nevertheless they combine talent, skills and knowledge. Clothing is more than sleeves, tops and trousers. It is the way you look, an expression of personal taste and creativity. It also includes a lot of know how - materials, design, processes and machines - all that is included in our professional training courses. Upon completion of the course you get a certificate for frofessional qualification.

Courses for pupils

We provide a number of school-related classes in: foreign languages, Mathematics, Bulgarian Language and Literature, Biology, Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects. Our lessons are lead by experienced teachers who prepare pupils for exams in grades 4, 7 and 12. With the help of the teacher they can perform at the highest level in class, in maturity exams and university admission examinations.

Translations and interpreting

We at Davitoz offer translation and legalization services from and to more than 20 foreign languages. Our translation services include translations of documents, e.g. diploma and company documents, as well as interpreting and simultanious translation at meetings, presentations and notary deals. We provide quality services and on time performance. You as customers can count on us.

Преводи на документи


We translate personal and corporate documents, websites, literature and any other specialized texts. We also have over 10 years of experience in interpreting business meetings, official presentations and telephone conversations. We offer our services at competitive prices. For an accurate quote, you can contact our office managers in your city or use the online inquiry form.

Легализация на документи


Our offices organize fast and accurat legalization of official documents from Bulgaria and abroad. Terms and prices vary with regard to the specific document. What matters is the country in which the legalization will be used, because formal conditions for the particular documents may apply. Visit our detailed page to view the pricing and terms of legalization services.


Educational center Davitoz has over 10 years of experience in training, translation and legalization. Our clients include LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas, Speedy, Masterhouse, Burgas Free University, TBI Bank, Danone, Sredets Municipality, Lemestia Balkan Investors, Balkan Wind, Sanofi, Lidl and many more.

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