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Курсове по английски език


We offer English language courses at all levels in accordance with the European Framework, as well as preparation for official British and US exams. Our English lessons are prepared by experienced teachers to train our students in practical language skills and speaking ability. We pay special attention to language production (in writing and oral), which are most difficult to master. If you want to participate in our online lessons, you will receive a name and password for the online platform developed specifically for our graduates.

Курсове по немски език


Fluent in German as soon as possible - this is the main task of our German lessons. Students gradually advance in grammar and vocabulary through practice. We avoid learning by heart and take advantage of a rather a practical approach to reading, writing and speaking. We use modern learning programs to achieve students’ goals. Our online courses are conceptualized in the same way, so feel encouraged participating.

Курсове по испански език


One of the most widely used world languages – extensive vocabulary and topics, due to its native use on several continents. Our teaching methods aim at showing all aspects of the language, including Spanish culture and lifestyle. We prepare our course participants for all kinds of situation and language use, as well as for official Spanish exams like DELE. Language training can also be attended online.

Курсове по руски език


The most widely used foreign language in Bulgaria. We have so many Russian citizens living in our country that nearly everybody must have learned at least some Russian. This language is a brother language with Bulgarian, so without any effort our teachers make the lessons interesting and useful at the same time, without missing any important steps in the methodology. The same applies to our online courses, which are suitable for people living in the countryside.

Курсове по френски език


France is the second most important economy in EU. For us, too, this language is of great importance, because a lot of our course participants prepare for work and studying in this country. If you are looking for quality French language training, please contact our offices. We also organize test training for the official DELF/DALF exams. You can find the same possibilities in our online language courses.

Курсове по италиански език


It is the language of opera, renaissance art and Italian cuisine. It is not a difficult one to learn, so we have all levels and exam training for the CELI exams. The course is suitable for people who are going to work or study in Italy and want to be prepared for everyday-life situations. The online variant of this course is suitable for everyone who is far away of our learning centers in the big cities, but wants to improve their Italian language skills.

Курсове по румънски език


Our neighbor country is a strong partner in trade and cultural exchange, so the interest towards the Rumanian language courses is constantly increasing. We have levels for complete beginners and for more advanced language users. The lessons are thematically divided to comprise a wide range of topics. Special emphasis is put on oral and written communication. This language is also available in our online courses.

Курсове по турски език


The country is the border between Europe and Asia and a preferred touristic destination. Turkish is an accessible language of Arabic origin, because it uses predominantly Latin letters for writing. To teach it to our course participants we use original Turkish workbooks and modern methodology. You can also use our online service for learning this language if you live in a distant place.

Курсове по гръцки език


It is a language with ancient roots and modern use. Greece is a country of tourism and trade, so learning the language can be useful for business or pleasure. The learning plan is divided into levels according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Your language level can be determined in the first lesson, so that the language user of higher levels also gets the chance to improve their skills.

Курсове по холандски език


The Netherlands is a modern country with well developed educational and economic systems. A lot of people chose the country and its language to do research and development of new product and technology. Our Dutch language courses reflect the current status of the language in the EU and the preparation for studies and work in this western European country certainly pays off for our customers.

Курсове по арабски език


Learning Arabic is not easy. Yet our courses are developed to cover not only linguistics, but also culture and history of the Arab world, introducing to the course participants the standard modern Arabic language. The lessons develop gradually, taking in account the initial difficulties one can have with Arabic letters and reading.

Курсове по полски език


Our Polish courses are of practical nature, comprising all language learning skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension. Our teachers have practical experience in the language, so they organize their lessons in a practical and entertaining way. This language can also be subscribed as an online course.

We at Davitoz organize courses at all language levels, for different age groups, focusing on the use of the language in an active work environment and exam preparation. We utilize modern training methodology and teaching. For this purpose, we use selected textbooks and media that meet the specifics of the chosen type of training. For example, business courses have a different topic of lessons compared to general English training. What is common between the two types of lessons is that there is a great deal of emphasis on speaking and writing, because they are mastered more slowly and the extensive practice contributes to the faster development of the learner. Many of our trainers have lived abroad or they are actively working with the foreign language, so in addition to a pedagogical approach, they can offer many useful tips for dealing with specific situations in communication with foreign partners.

Classes are designed to cover one language level in one course, but for our faster students, we have options to increase the intensity of teaching to avoid wasting time. We have a number of languages in offer because people who visit us often have an interest in learning more than one foreign language. In addition to the above courses, we also provide training in even rarer foreign languages. For more information, see the „Other languages“ page. They usually introduce information a little more slowly and gradually in order to provide an opportunity to master the writing and reading of texts with letters other than Latin and Cyrillic. This is especially true of alphabets with roots different from the Indo-European ones, such as Arabic and languages from the Far East.

In the courses for children we have special curricula in which the material is presented in the form of games and fun activities such as songs, poems or short films. This is extremely important when teaching children a foreign language. On the one hand, this approach gives them with the impression that learning is fun, and on the other, they absorb knowledge and acquire skills imperceptibly, which comes close to the real life learning of foreign languages by children abroad. In this way, children are more resilient in attending the lessons and, most importantly, they do not reach the point of rejection and unwillingness to visit the lessons. In addition to the teaching methodology, children also have different lengths of one lesson, which is suited to their ability to stay calm and in one place for a period of time.

A key element of teaching in our language courses is to cover topics from different areas of linguistics within a single lesson. The textbooks are selected in a way that each lesson contains spelling, spelling, grammar, syntax, and listening comprehension exercises. When it comes to mastering the pronunciation in the lower levels, more emphasis is put on the correct pronunciation of the words, and in the higher levels what matters more are the speed of speaking and the use of techniques of everyday conversation to bring the speech closer to the original. In a real situation in a foreign country, this not only contributes to a better understanding between interlocutors, but also to better social integration. Such seemingly insignificant details are of great value in presentations to a larger audience, where the speaker should be confident and the speech should flow smoothly and understandably.

We have a lot of experience in preparing students for official foreign language exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, Test DaF, DELE, DELF, TRIKI and more. Some of these examination formats can be found at the end of each level of the European Reference Framework, but in a part of them the trainee must have attained a certain degree of knowledge in order to sit for assessment. Level B2 is usually set as the threshold for passing such exams, which implies a medium to very good command of vocabulary and grammar. In this regard, it is fundamental for trainees who begin training for the chosen exam to have this level covered, not only because the preparation will go more smoothly, but also because the result in a stressful exam situation is often influenced by the person’s experience with the language . Test questions are often processed for a limited period of time. Therefore, skills such as reading and summarizing content are far more important than pure knowledge. When enrolling, it is essential to estimate the language level of the learner. You can do this by following the links to our free online entrance tests or at the addresses of our training facilities.

For all those who live far away of our offices but want to receive quality training, we also offer online courses. They are designed following the same logic as on-site courses, with live online tutors because the most important thing in language training is communication, and it works best with real people. It is important to note that online training often proves to be much more effective, since providing additional exercises on topics in which the particular student encounters difficulties is much quicker and easier. Moreover, access to audio and video data is almost unlimited. For example, in tests and exams, effective training can be done using the materials available on the web without wasting time and raw materials copying or printing.

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