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Шев и кройка

Assistant to the teacher


For us professionalism is of greatest importance – it is required by both teachers and students. Our training is licensed not only locally by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training at the Council of Ministers, but also internationally by the International Education Society. We offer qualifications in more than 50 professional fields, in which our course participants develop theoretical and practical skills. Most courses require in-depth practice to master the elements of the craft, so at least half of the course hours consist of hands-on exercises or classes. For some specialties we also provide live online training with live lessons. The diplomas that our graduates receive after successfully completing the course give them the opportunity to apply for jobs in our country and anywhere in the world or to set up and grow their own businesses. If necessary, certificates can be legalized in the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which gives them legitimacy before the authorities abroad. For entry requirements, please contact your nearest office. Many people who want to qualify ask us what the right option for them is or for which specialty to enroll. There are various factors that influence such a decision. One of them, and perhaps the most important one, is what you feel attracted to and what you enjoy doing. Another important factor is the possibility of well rewarded work in the chosen field. Combining gift and interests, followed by a well-paid career is the best opportunity to pursue by a course participant. Cook, for example, is the right choice for you, if you love to cook meals, enjoy spending time in the kitchen on your feet and love experimenting with new recipes. At the same time, the demand for chefs is high and you have a real chance to start a job with a relatively good starting salary and, over the years, to reach a high level of income, which even with a university degree is sometimes difficult to obtain. Provided that one of the two prerequisites is not present, e.g. you do not like cooking, it would be more appropriate to consider another type of training. Whatever you decide or think of, please contact our offices for further advice and information.