Maths, Bulgarian and Scinces

Курсове и уроци по математика


Our math classes are aimed at devloping numerical skills and logical thinking. School pupils learn how to concentrate and solve tasks in algebra, gometry and mathematical logic. Pupils' development in these areas prepares them for further work and studying. It also contributes to better performance at school and independent problem solving. We also have training for entrance exams at universities - preparation for the tests SAT, GRE or GMAT can be attended in our offices or online.

Курсове и уроци по български език и литература


It is not just a coincidence that this subject is included in the educational program from the very start in the first grade. Except the fact that every parent wishes their children to have good marks in school, the basics of foreign language training are rooted in mastering Bulgarian grammar and literature. You cannot learn a foreign language correctly when you are not able to recognize a verb, a noun, a pronoun etc. Our lessons in Bulgarian language and literature advance gradually and fill in any gaps that may have opened during school hours. Online courses in Bulgarian are also available for foreigners and Bulgarian language lovers.

Курсове и уроци по биология


An important subject when it comes to subscribing a university major in medicine. Biology exams in higher education often cover the last three years of the upper secondary school curriculum, so, it is essential to be familiar with topics from grades 10, 11 and 12. Preparatory courses can be visited in or learning centre or in our online biology classes. Their purpose is to give the students confidence that regardless of the topics and questions, they will be able to cope with the tasks.

Курсове и уроци по химия


Chemistry lessons are essential to apply for some of the specialties and faculties such as medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy. An increasing number of students are choosing this way of preparation for a professional career. Students can concentrate on organic and inorganic chemistry according to university demands. Of course, we also have classes to help with school material, especially in the last high-school years or when pupils want to pass a maturity exam in chemistry.

Курсове и уроци по история


History lessons develop writing about political and social systems and interpreting historic events. Tasks do not only require purely formal knowledge of time spans and events, but also an analysis of the consequences of historical facts. Our on-site and online teachers help increasing knowledge in an interesting way, so learning does includes understanding and forming an opinion. We use real exams in history or to create the right impression about test demands.

Курсове и уроци по география


Geography is a narrative subject with a strong analytical bias. The accumulation of knowledge and skills in the subject is closely related to the socio-economic topics and issues that are relevant today. The usability of the subject makes it a preferred one for the maturity examinations. As a result, our geography classes have a distinct practical focus on making maps, analyzing data and graphics. Trainees receive visual materials that serve on the one hand to explain and on the other to more easily memorize names of particular areas or geographic features. You can also request our online geography lessons.

Курсове и уроци по физика


The physics lessons we offer include theoretical and computational tasks, which are obligatory for the maturity exams. The lessons can also be used as independent preparation for a particular exam at school or university. We know that obtaining excellent results in tests and assignments quickly and fully is essential, so our teachers work with a variety of tests that are done in real time. If they see lack of knowledge in different areas, they provide additional study materials and tasks.

Our courses in school subjects are not meant only to suit the needs of students with poor grades. They are also designed to help pupils with good grades improve their knowledge and participate in different kinds of subject-related competitions. Our teachers put emphasis on enhancing the success of their trainees and reinforce their intrinsic motivation. Additionally, their aim is to increase the interest in the subject and to provide a smooth introduction into the areas of particular difficulty. In this way the students can gain confidence in their knowledge and perform better in class, in assessments and maturity exams. Our courses cover not only Bulgarian and Mathematics, but also a large part of the subjects taught at school. We also offer the lessons in the form of online classes, where people from small places outside the big cities can participate.