Курсове по испански език в София, Варна и Бургас

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Spanish lessons for children and adults

Foreign language training at Davitoz is highly practical in order to achieve best results in shortest time. In our language centers in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas you can learn the language with the help of experienced teachers, strengthen your previous knowledge and gain experience in speaking and writing Spanish. If you are about to sit for the DELE exam or apply to a university for which you need specialized training, we have the right programs and tests for you. In our individual training programs you can experience intensive training for a short period of time and get the results you need to be admitted to studies.

Frequently asked questions we can answer right away are:

What is the duration of on course?

– Adult courses in group classes have duration of 5 weeks, 2 times a week with 3 study hours each time.
– The courses for children and students are two types: five weeks (2 times a week with 3 study hours each time) and 10 weeks (with 3 study hours a week) conducted throughout the year.
– Individual training is organized upon arrangement with the teacher and is tailored to correspond with students’ leisure time and speed of learning.

Which Spanish exams can I prepare for?

We prepare you for each of the European Language Framework levels and the official DELE Spanish exams.

учи испански

How are participants divided into groups?

There are separate groups for adults, children and pupils. Our teachers prepare their lessons in a way that they are appropriate for the age group of students.

What is included in the training?

– Adult courses are based on the internationally recognized „Nuevo Ven“ system, and the individual training on the same program or a program that the student has selected.

испански за възрастни
– Specialized training in business, law, Spanish for tourism or others uses specific materials.
– “Trotamundos” and “Chicos Chicas” are most commonly used for children and pupils’ courses, but according to age, there are also other textbook. To help pupils with school material we use programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
– For DELE preparation, the training is carried out using a specialized textbook. Programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science are used in the preparation for maturity exams.

Do I exercise speaking in Spanish?

Yes, the Spanish lessons at Davitoz are focused on the practical use of the language, constructing dialogues and listening to authentic conversations. By recreating everyday life, students are put into the real situations that they encounter when communicating in a foreign language.

What levels do the courses cover?

The basic levels are 4. Above them there are specialized ones, used for work, travel or study at universities.

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How can I determine my level?

You can have a Spanish placement test for free at our offices in Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna and Burgas or online by clicking TEST.

When are the starting dates?

The group courses for each level begin at the start and the middle of each month. Individual training starts upon individual arrangement.

Who are the teachers?

To provide high quality Spanish training we collaborate with qualified and skilled teachers. They have experience in language training and are familiar with the way we organize our lessons.

What are the fees for the training?

– general Spanish: 316 BGN for groups; 376 BGN for individual training.
– maturity and university exam preparation, including DELE: 376 BGN for groups, 428 BGN for individual training.
– exams for a particular level without course attendance: 196 BGN
SPECIAL OFFER!!! When two or more course participants enroll together and follow the same schedule, they are charged the lower group price but get individual training conditions.

When is the fee due?

The tuition fee is due upon enrollment. It can be paid at our offices in Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv or by bank transfer.

Will I receive a certificate after the end of the course?

Educational Center Davitoz is internationally licensed. Each course ends with an exam and a certificate in accordance with the European Language Framework, and it can be translated into Spanish or English.

Курсове по испански език

Can I only pass a level exam without attending a whole Davitoz course?

Yes, this is possible. You can register at our offices in Burgas, Plovdiv, Varna and in Sofia, or online. The fee is 196 BGN.

Can I attend the course online?

Our courses are licensed internationally and can be attended also online. Online learning is extremely suitable for people who want to save time and avoid travelling. It uses a system of online-based study materials and you only need a headset, a microphone and a stable internet connection to improve your Spanish skills. For more information on online training click here.

If you have any additional questions, you can send us an inquiry or contact us on the phone.